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ESC is here to help with your computing and technology needs.
We serve the faculty, staff, and students in the colleges of engineering and science.

Getting Help with a Problem


The fastest way to get help from ESC is to email to open a ticket with our help desk. This will automatically notify our Client Support Services (CSS) team, and they will follow up quickly. You will receive an automated confirmation from our help desk system to confirm your email was received. Replying to that email will associate your message with the ticket, so it's the best way to keep the case on track. You will see other messages from the system as your case is handled, please be sure to scroll down so you can see additional comments added by ESC staff to the ticket.

If your email isn't working, or you prefer, you can call the ESC Help Desk at 631-0101. If you get voicemail, go ahead and leave a message, this will be forwarded to the help desk ticket system and the CSS team will be notified quickly. You will also receive a confirmation of your message in email, assuming you are calling from your university VoIP phone, and that email is working.

Customer Support Staff reside in 117Q Cushing Hall. It is best to call before your visit to make sure someone is in the office.

Undergraduate Computer Purchasing Guide

ESC is happy to provide a concise guide for students and parents in the process of selecting a computer. The guide can be found here. We are also available to answer any questions you might have. Please call us at (574) 631-0101 or email to