Poster Printing FAQ

  • Q: What is the cost for printing a poster?
  • A: The cost is $5.00 per square foot. As an example, a 48” x 36” poster would cost
    $60.00 to print.
  • Q: What file format does the poster need to be in?
  • A: Poster files should be submitted in the Adobe Acrobat “Portable Document Format”
    (pdf) file format.
  • Click on this link (Poster Printing Request) to open the “Poster printing request” form in Service Now. Complete the form and attach the Adobe Acrobat poster file to the form. This will generate a task in Service Now and ESC will automatically be notified via email of your poster printing request.
  • Q: What is the maximum size a poster can be?
  • A: The paper comes on a 100 foot long roll of paper that is 44” wide. So either the
    height or width of your poster can be no more than 44”. Be aware though that
    should you decide to have the other dimension (height or width) greater than 61”,
    you will need to hand trim any excess paper off of your poster yourself. This is
    because our poster trimmer is only 61” wide.
  • Q: What is the standard poster size?
  • A: Poster sizes vary by need but common sizes are 48”x36”, 36”x24” and 40”x30”.
  • Q: Why don’t you accept posters in the Microsoft Power Point file format?
  • A: We’ve found that in the past, PowerPoint files created on Windows-based computers
    can appear differently in subtle ways when opened on an Apple computer and vice
    versa. Since often times, these differences are subtle to the point of only being
    noticed by the poster creator, this often leads to posters being incorrectly printed
    and/or requiring a second printing.
  • Q: What printer do you use for poster printing?
  • A: We utilize an Epson Stylus PRO 9890 printer.
  • Q: What kind of ink do you use for poster printing?
  • A: Epson Ultra Chrome K3 ink.
  • Q: What paper do you utilize for poster prints?
  • A: Epson Premium Semi-gloss Photo Paper (170). It comes in 44” wide rolls of 100
    foot length. Epson product number S041395.
  • Q: What application is used to print posters?
  • A: Posters are printed using the Adobe Acrobat Standard application.
  • Q: Who can I contact directly if I have unique or unusual poster requests or
  • A: Kevin Drew, in Engineering & Science Computing is the person that actually prints
    the posters, he can be reached via:

    1. Direct phone number: 574-631-2444
    2. Campus phone extension: 1-2444
    3. Email:
  • Q: Why do you need the department name that the foapal number is from?
  • A: At the end of each month, each foapal number is billed for the cost of the poster.
    Should there be any typo’s or problems with foapal numbers, it helps the person
    doing the billing to resolve the problem, if they know which department to contact
    regarding any questions and/or issues with regard to the foapal number.
  • Q: What do we do if we want to pay by cash or check rather than a foapal
  • A: Those wishing to pay by cash (exact change only) or check will have to make their
    payments to Michelle Kovacs, in the Dean of Engineering’s office suite. She can be
    reached via:

    1. Location: 257 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
    2.  Direct phone number: 574-631-6092
    3.  Campus phone extension: 1-6092
    4.  Email:
  • Q: Why do you need two business days to accomplish printing posters?
  • A: Often times multiple poster requests come in at the same time (upcoming
    conference, class project, etc.). It can take the printer up to an hour to complete the
    process of physically printing a poster. Upon completing printing, most posters then
    need to have the excess paper trimmed off of them as well. Also, please keep in
    mind that the person responsible for printing posters also has multiple other job
    responsibilities. Sometimes those other job responsibilities can delay poster
    printing. With all of these factors and others to consider, as much lead time as
    possible insures that individuals receive their poster before any critical deadlines are
  • Once your poster has been printed and any excess paper trimmed off of it, the Service Now task will be updated and you will be sent an email that will include information on when and where to pick up your poster.
  • Q: Will ESC deliver my poster?
  • A: As a matter of policy, ESC requires the requestor to coordinate the pickup of their
    poster but whenever possible, we will make an effort to deliver your poster. Often
    times, with multiple poster submissions it just isn’t possible to both keep printing
    posters and to deliver them too.
  • Q: Where can I get a poster tube for my poster?
  • A: The Kinko’s/Fed-X in LaFortune Hall currently sells poster tubes.