Poster Printing

ESC’s Epson 9800 large format inkjet printer can provide you with ultra-high quality posters and large format photographic prints. The eight ink system of the 9600 offers the highest quality color rendition on a 44″ wide semi-gloss heavyweight paper.


Cost for poster printing is: $5.00 per square foot. This is $60.00 for an average 3′ x 4′ poster. Test or proof printing of posters is not available as a service.

Getting a Poster Printed

Having your poster printed is quick and easy.  An email with the information listed below and a copy of your poster file attached is all that is needed.

To have a poster printed please send an email to to open a poster printing request ticket.  In the email, include the following:

  • Attach an Adobe Acrobat “Portable Document Format” (*.pdf) file version of your poster to the email.
  •  If your Adobe Acrobat “Portable Document Format” (*.pdf) poster file is too large to attach (greater than 10MB’s in size), please place it in a Google Drive folder and include a shared link to the file in your email instead or attaching the file itself.
  • If paying by FOAPAL (account) number,  The “FOAP” portion of a FOAPAL number is needed (xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx).  A ledger transfer will be made from the specified account.
  • The name of the department or group that provided the FOAPAL number.
  • If paying by check or cash (exact change only), please note that in the body of your email.  Information on how to pay by check or cash (exact change only) will then be provided to you.
  • Your office and phone numbers, to ensure we have them.  This way if there are problems with your poster file or printing, you can be contacted quickly.
  • In inches, please specify your desired printed dimensions for the poster. The maximum size for a poster is 60″ x 44″.
  • Note when you need to be able to pick up the printed poster by. Please consider that many people often need posters at the same time. Two days notice is preferred, though we can expedite service when possible. If you can help by requesting the poster two days before you need it, it is extremely helpful. If you can’t, please be sure to make it clear that you need the poster sooner and a best effort to meet your deadline will be made.
  • Any special instructions or concerns.

Your email will automatically notify the CSS team, and they will follow up quickly. You will receive an automated confirmation from our help desk system to confirm your email was received. Replying to that email will associate your message with the ticket, so it’s the best way to keep the case on track. You will see other messages from the system as your case is handled, please be sure to scroll down so you can see additional comments added by ESC staff to the ticket.