Academic Computing

ESC operates and maintains academic computing infrastructure for the colleges. Instructional labs, licensed software for students and faculty, and printing facilities are located in various buildings on campus.

Engineering Computer Clusters and Classrooms

Fitzpatrick and Stinson-Remick Halls

list of Linux computers which are free

list of Linux computers which are being used by console users

list of Linux computers which are being used by remote users only

list of Linux computers which do not response

the last 40 instances of up and free Windows 7 computers
(other free Windows 7 computers may not be listed here, powered off computers are not listed)

Fitzpatrick B19

The classroom/cluster in Room B19 of Fitzpatrick Hall provides 51 computers, each can be booted to either Windows 7 or RedHat Enterprise Linux 6. The room includes two TV projectors, and is an important classroom for Engineering courses needing high performance 3D computers. Note that in the map below, for the computers’ host name starts with “bonzai” and their domain name is “”. So, for example, the one labeled “41” is

Engineering Learning Center

The Engineering Learning Center in Stinson Remick hall comprises several classrooms and breakout spaces for student study and collaboration. The ELC’s innovative design features 52 Windows 7 computers.
MCCOURT01 through MCCOURT16 are in Stinson Remick 108
MCCOURT17 through MCCOURT32 are in Stinson Remick 109-110
MCCOURT33 through MCCOURT42 are in Stinson Remick 212
MCCOURT43 through MCCOURT52 are in Stinson Remick 213