Video Teleconferencing

Video Teleconferencing • VTC

ESC maintains mobile video teleconferencing equipment for use by the departments.  If after reading the following description of the systems, you would like to learn more or see a live demonstration, send an email to: requesting more information on mobile video conferencing equipment and support.

Infrastructure and Equipment

gatekeeper, bridge, and endpoints

The equipment consists of two components: (1) video teleconferencing infrastructure equipment (maintained by ESC in their machine room located in Stephan Hall of Chemistry) and (2) video conferencing cameras and displays (termed “endpoints”). The endpoints are available via scheduling, by sending an email to: Please include the words “video teleconference” in the subject line.

Our video teleconferencing equipment is standards-based, meaning it can connect to users at other locations in either standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) via protocols such as: SIP, H.323, H.264, H.265, etc.

We can also utilize Zoom’s capability so that we are able to establish point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections. We are currently able to sustain 500 simultaneous participants.  The Zoom client app (downloaded from can be utilized by users who need to communicate from mobile platforms like laptops with embedded cameras on-board. The Zoom client app is available for either Windows or Mac OS X operating systems.  And versions that support mobile platforms are available for free from the Apple and Android app stores.

The following endpoint equipment is available, satisfying a variety of needs:

  • Two Cisco 42″ Profile carts: These are fully integrated mobile carts with 42″ high definition displays and full frame rate HD cameras. They are perfectly suited to end-of-table conferences in conference rooms, as well as high-quality interaction with small groups in offices.  They can also be connected to and utilize as a second display screen, a room’s built-in A/V system.
  • Two Cisco C20 mobile systems with pan-tilt-zoom HD camera and codec: These systems are intended to connect to existing large screen monitors or displays either on the desktop or wall mounted. The pan-tilt-zoom feature allows us to use these in small conference rooms all the way up to large lecture halls. This system was used last summer, for example, in Jordan Hall of Science during the Niemann Pick Type-C conference in which Professor Olaf Wiest addressed the assembled conference from his location in China.
  • Three Cisco EX-90 Desktop systems: These are integrated desktop systems with 22″ monitors. They are fully HD capable and best suited to one person at a desk or table, but can accommodate as many as three people at a small table.
  • We also maintain several Logitech USB attachable HD camera/microphone/speaker combo systems for use with the Zoom client app.  These systems can be directly connected to a computer running the Zoom client app via a single USB port on the computer.

ESC has handled video conferences from one-to-one personal conferences up to large lecture hall sized conferences and from two points across campus to international conferences and workshops. The mobility of the equipment makes this a very flexible system, quick and easy to deploy. We do request that you give us as much lead time as possible to test the system before any significant use of the equipment.