Video Teleconferencing

Video Teleconferencing • VTC

ESC maintains mobile video teleconferencing equipment for use by the departments.  If after reading the following description of the systems, you would like to learn more or see a live demonstration, send an email to: requesting more information on mobile video conferencing equipment and support.

Equipment Available

ESC has two different types of Logitech video conferencing kits that they utilize and/or
loan out. They are referred to as a “Logitech Group Kit” and a “Logitech BCC950
ConferenceCAM kit”. Here is a link to Logitech’s website that provides information and
pictures of the equipment that comprises these two types of video conferencing kits.

Logitech Group Kit

Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCAM

These kits are connected to a desktop or laptop computer via a single USB port. They
can be used with Zoom’s client application so that point-to-point or point-to-multipoint
connections can be established and utilized. Zoom currently (as of 11/10/2020)
supports up to 1,000 simultaneous video participants.
The Zoom client app (downloaded from is required to
establish a video conference connection (whether hosting or just participating). The
Zoom client app is available for either Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. And
versions that support mobile platforms are available for free from the Apple and Android
app stores.

Equipment Support

When requested or as needed, ESC can provide set up, support and tear down services
to those using this equipment for a video conference. Or instructions on how to set up
and use the equipment can be provided to those requesting self-service usage. The set
up and usage of the equipment can be demonstrated prior to the loaning out of the kits
when they are picked up from ESC.