Amazon AppStream 2.0



Amazon’s AWS technology powers millions of sites worldwide, including the massive shopping experience, and now it is host to several Notre Dame applications required for technical courses here in the colleges of Engineering and Science.

To connect to AppStream, visit and log in with your NetID and Password.  Once you’re connected, click the Amazon AppStream 2.0 icon to launch the service.





AppStream Pilot Graphics includes: AutoCAD 2017, Civil 3D 2019, Creo Direct 4, Creo Parametric 4, Google Chrome, and Solidworks 2017

AppStream Standard includes: Google Chrome,TopSpin and HOMER Pro


AppStream isn’t a full Windows desktop, and instead only contains the application required for the task.  Once launched, the entire desktop experience will be only that one application.  Apps typically take about 2 minutes to create.
























Important: Make sure you save your files on Google Drive. Files saved on the AppStream virtual instances My Documents space will be deleted when you disconnect.

To connect your Google Drive to AppStream, you will need to allow it access only once, and the connection will persist.  To connect Google Drive, click on the My Files icon in the upper left of the window.














Then you can click Add Storage in the upper right and select Google Drive.  Once you have authorized Google Drive access, your file open and save dialogs should allow you to open and save to Google Drive.




























        Using Google Drive to Open and Save files in AppStream Applications



Solidworks 2017



If you experience any issues with this service, please reach out to for immediate assistance.